RKS Chapel

People have questioned us as to why we have chosen to build such an enormous dwelling, let me re-assure us that its not the size of the dwelling that matters but what matters most is how much we value GOD in our hearts. I believe that one day when people will stand and marvel at the completed chapel they will also remember that it is the impression of how much we (the RKSOB of today) value GOD in our hearts..

Dear OBs

This is the 18th year since  the foundation stone of our Chapel was laid by the Qase ko Bau (Chief supridentant of the Bau Methodist Church Circuit of which RKS is a part of). in 1991. The dream of building a church for RKS  started  in the 1940s/50s when the first pioneers of the school who first occupied the land of Lodoni. Our forefathers of the school would then have an annual “soli” collection which was kept for the building of the RKS Chapel.

Although at that time we dont have a proper chapel, sunday service was always held at various places, Cakobau Hall for the 1960s (which was later convereted as domitory – ie domitory with lali boys clock). Later it was shifted to the now dining hall for the 70s and 80s after which it  has now been shifted to the RKS Hall until today.

The building of the RKS Chapel has been an OBs project. From its begining in 1994 to today, all money used so far has been from the pockets of those dear OBs (most of whom have passed on and the few that are still remaining) that carry within them the Delainakaikai PASSION to build a chapel for RKS, along with the contribution from the Parents of RKS since the 1990s.

This appeal is to all OBs (here in Fiji and abroad, most of you i believe have always wanted to contribute to this project of ours but have not been informed).  We are counting on your Delainakaikai SPIRIT and COMRADSHIP  to come together with us in the next two years so that we can complete this Chapel for RKS as a token of thanks for the good things that RKS has taught us.



6 Responses to RKS Chapel

  1. tagicakibau says:

    i think the OB’s have made a good idea to finish off the school chapel because god have to be first in everything we do so if the chapel is done than we can have the glories back……….vinaka lodoni na veisusu au sa mai kila na vinaka ni vosota e vuli vana dua na all boys boarding school……….mai lodoni mai…….

  2. tia lahi says:

    Despite the hiccups along the way in the building of this chapel …let us not forget that Rome was not built in one day!!!..and it also had its own version of hiccups too…so this ambitious project at its completion is just another way of acknowledging and thanking this awesome God for our beloved school Lodoni which we are so indebted to – for bringing us to where we are now…. praise God in the good times and praise God in the bad times!!!…
    me liu tikoga o JIOVA na kalou qaqa…

    Ni kalougata ka qaqa tiko na OBs i veiyasai vuravura kei kemuni na parents past and present,staff members past and present, friends and fans of the school!!!!!!!!

    God bless our Lodoni beloved!!!
    God bless us all!!!

  3. Malakai Jiko says:

    Au marautaka dina na sasaga dou sa mai liutaka tiko na OBs mai vei na Peresitedi kei na Committee. Au qai mai kila wale tu ga ena vica na macawa sa oti na sasaga ka qaravi tiko mai Viti me baleta na vakaoti ni Chapel kei na nodra weights na gonevuli, ena dua email a vakauta voli mai vei au o noqu yaca Raiwaqa. Keitou lewe vica voli na OBs e Wellington ka keitou na marautaka vakalevu me keitou bau cau tu yani ena sasaga vinaka oqo.

    I trolled through the email address list and am pleasantly surprised to see the many familiar names in the list and would like to encourage you all to continue with the great work you all have started.

    Moce toka mada vakalailai
    Windy Wellington

  4. Waisea Votadroka says:

    Congratulations for the drive to complete the Chapel…it has been rather long and strenuous for all…..but after its completion…everything should turn out right for our school. There is also a need to establish an Education Reveiw Team to review the current struture of our Lodoni system and assess the effectiveness of the current staffing system and that the Board must have a say in the quality of teachers recruited for the school.Such a review should re-align the school towards a much level of achievement in both Education and Sports.
    All the best to all OBs.

  5. malakai koroi says:

    Vinaka vakalevu na yaloqaqa ena kena sa mai dola rawa na noda valenilotu,me vakavinavinakataki ga ko Jiova.Dua tiko na yabaki vinaka vei keda na yabaki qo.Era sa loloma tu yani na old bos i Gau vei kemuni na taci keimami i Viti keina veiyasai vuravura.God Bless Lodoni and the LODONIANS….

  6. Maika Tuicakau says:

    Vinaka vakalevu na yalovata sa kune votu na kena vakavotukana, RKSOB kei kemuni na dau veitokoni MALO sara vakalevu na veitokoni, kivei kemuni na gonenivuli moni qai maroroya tiko ga na noda valenilotu.

    Vinaka sara vakalevu

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